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Advent Retreat  Day – “Christmas Presence”

Dec-17-2022 03:00 PM to Dec-17-2022 09:00 PM   |   St. Gregory’s Church,122 Rathburn Rd, Toronto
St. Gregory’s Church,122 Rathburn Rd, Toronto

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What does it mean for God to be present to us? What does Jesus offer to us? What do we offer to God? An About Being Catholic spiritual retreat day hosted by St. Gregory’s Parish Catechists Adam and Julia Kozak featuring enlightening presentations, open discussions, prayer and focused reflection time. You are invited to bring any family or friends if you would like to. Lunch will be provided There is no fee. All are welcome.

To take part, please simply email us with your name and if you are bringing anyone with you before December 14 at aboutbeingcatholic@gmail.com.