Advent 2023


The period of Advent holds a special resonance in the heart of the Catholic Church, marking the commencement of the liturgical year. This sacred time, spanning four Sundays before Christmas, is a profound call to the faithful, inviting them to spiritual reflection and renewed devotion.

The enduring tradition of Advent is rich with symbolism. The Advent wreath, a cherished emblem, comprises four candles, each lit successively on the Sundays leading to Christmas. The progressive lighting of the wreath embodies the growing light of Christ amidst the encroaching darkness of a world yearning for hope and redemption.

Moreover, the practice of daily reflection, often facilitated through Advent calendars or devotional readings, nurtures a deepening communion with the divine, fostering a spirit of anticipation and reverence.

During this time, the Church also echoes the prophetic voices of ancient scriptures, revisiting the profound narratives of hope and promise foretold, illuminating the path that led to the birth of Christ. This liturgical journey, woven with Old Testament prophecies and the humble, expectant pleas of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph, paints a vivid tableau of God’s unwavering love and the profound mystery of the Incarnation.

Furthermore, the liturgical readings and hymns during Advent carry a dual theme; they reminisce the first coming of Christ while also looking forward with hopeful anticipation to His second coming. This delicate interplay invites the faithful to dwell in a space of profound hope, gratitude, and vigilant expectation, nurturing a heart receptive to the divine mysteries unravelled in the quiet advent of Christ.

Amidst these enduring practices and reflections, the faithful are gently led through a season of penitential preparation, coming to rest in the joyous celebration of Christ's birth, where the hope of salvation is tenderly cradled in a manger, and the promise of Emmanuel, God with us, is lovingly fulfilled.