In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory

Love what will never come back twice... Amate ciò che mai due volte tornerà...

In the Catholic Church, November is traditionally dedicated to all souls in purgatory, with the first two days of the month being dedicated to remembrance.

On November 1, All Saints' Day, the faithful are asked to remember the saintly men and women of the Church and celebrate humility as a virtue.
All Saints is our feast, not because we are good, but because the holiness of God has touched our lives, Pope Francis has said.
Saints, he said, "are not perfect models, but are people whose lives God has crossed," and can be compared with the stained glass windows of a church, "which allow light to enter in different shades of colour."
"Saints are the simple, the humble who make room for God, who know how to weep for others and for their errors, those who stay meek, who fight for justice, who are merciful toward all, who guard the purity of heart, who always work for peace and remain in joy, not in hate, and, even when suffering, respond to evil with good," he said.

All Souls' Day, November 2, is dedicated to praying for all who have died, including those in purgatory.
The annual observances of both days remind us that death is not the end but rather the door we must pass to gain eternal life.
That's why during this month of November, we celebrate life. The life of the people who preceded us and have left us in this earthly life with good memories of love and good examples to follow.

Especially during this month, consider having a mass celebrated for your loved one. It is a way to remember their love for you and to pray for their souls.


November 23, 2022 at 7pm